Another fail blog. 

I am actually posting a post ( that sounds weird) because I have homework. 

And mainly because the internet is cooler. 

99.9% of my time is spent on the internet then there is school and there’s no internet there. 

But I won’t spend so much time on the internet because exams is coming oh shit! I needa get my head in the game.( wow HSM reference) 

I like naming things like calling special objects names like my iPod is called Kizzle ( stop judging) and my spectacles are called oseeean. Yes I wear glasses. 

Kizzle is my baby. I love him so much what if he is pink. ‘Real men wear pink’. 

Well as for oseeean I need him else I’ll be blind and couldn’t stare at Justin pics properly. 

I’m still feeling for chocolate. 

(Stop judging me😭) 

Here’s another fail blog. 

If you want to I’m not telling you have to but if you want to share my blog with your friends. 

Always remember you do you and I’ll do me. 

I know I’m a bit late but the dress is white and good and also black and blue. 



Well I’m making this blog or rant or what ever you want to call it coz I’m bored. No not like I’m bored but watching tv. I’m so bored I feel like crying but I’m actually just staring at the wall. 

I’m just gonna talk non sense rn. But any who when don’t I talk nonsense. 

I love twitter. 

No actually twitter is my life. Lol. I swear I’m a bit cool. 

I love Justin Bieber. * everyone closes blog and walks away and starts hating me. *

People should give Justin a chance he is a good guy he has made a few mistakes. 

But he is my husband so yeah. 

He is soo sexy like you could stare at him all day and not get bored. 

Yeah there’s a solution to my Boredom stare at a smiling Justin pic. 

I just like smiling people. It makes me happy to see people smile.  

I sometimes wish I was the reason people smiled. 

Lol I wishing too hard now.  

Btw why are you like still reading this.  Thought you would probably be asleep.

Lol nearly no reads my blogs. 


Ok I’m lame. 

I feel for chocolate , I swear I’m not addict. 

Buy me a jar of Nutella. Please 😔

I’m gonna stop boring whoever is reading this and go stare at a Justin Picture. 

OMG OMG OMG  if you actually read till here I love you. 🙌😘 

Bye bye. 

Remember you do you and I’ll do me. 

Btw hope these pictures kill you but come back alive coz I people that read my stupidity. 😩🙈



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Insecurity eats us all up. 

Well I tell myself I’m ugly and pathetic over 29 times a day but mostly when I’m alone and thinking to myself. Because other than that everyone knows me as the girl with confidence and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. But to be totally honest with you I’m not that girl I’m just a person that hates everything about herself. I tell everyone to have confidence in themselves and that they look beautiful, and I expect them to believe it. But if one person has to tell me that I would laugh in they face and immediately know they lying. I would even think about all night like how could they speak such a lie. Most people probably think when someone says she/he is ugly they looking for attention what they don’t get is even if you had to compliment  her/him it ain’t gonna make a difference in they life. 

One thing I hate is when absolutely gorgeous people say they ugly or find a fault with themselves well they should try living in my body for atleast 2 minutes and they would cry. 

Always remember you do you and I’ll do me.  Always smile y’all. 

*please note that this is a personal thought and you don’t have to agree with me.  



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That 6 letter word that can make people cry or even pull all they hair out. I sometimes wonder why our parents don’t understand us when we say we hate school or school is killing me it’s like they never experienced an ouce of pain we go through going to that hell hole every day for half our life’s. Maybe just maybe they feel if they had to go through that crap why not us.   School is filled with fake ass people and liars and stupids and people that just don’t care. And I don’t know if it’s just me but as hard as you try to do well it’s not good enough for your parents. 

Some of the things I hate about school!

Group projects-  you always have to be the that has to try too hard. And then you get the ones that have no interest in trying to do anything coz they don’t care about they grades so why bother for the rest of the group.  

If you the one that doesn’t care please don’t be that person. 

Moody teachers –  oh my some teachers can really be moody and annoying. They keep finding a way to pick at you like damn I know I’m not perfect give a break woman. 

Fake ass bitches(mind my bad language) – those bloody hell idiots that  are fake af and you really don’t know if they coming or going 😂. Oh those ones that have really ugly boyfriends but they think every one is after him.  Like lord you can keep him put him in your underwear for all we care. 

Homework-  teachers can be soo inconsiderate about the amount of homework they give you. Like the first day back at school I was piled with maths homework like yo teach are you even human coz I’m sure as I am.  

Parents- I love my parents, but they never seem to be satisfied with your grades. And as soon as school starts they throw a bucket of rules at you. Like damn I don’t have enough stress already.  


I know this rant was pretty stupid but I swear I’m a bit cool. 😬😂

*please note that this is a personal thought and you don’t have to agree with me.  


Yes yes  !! Chocolate is perfect! Well for me atleast I find it rather disturbing when someone doesn’t like chocolate like what even are you real? Chocolate is the only hope of a love life that I got. It soo perfect. That wonderful sensation of it just melting in your mouth is sexy as hell. If I could marry chocolate I swear I would coz what’s better than that wonderful bite of heaven. Let’s not even go to Nutella 🔫🔫 shoot me now!  

*rant over 

*if you have any thoughts of chocolate please leave it as a comment. 

*please note that this is a personal thought and you don’t have to agree with me.  



So we can all say that we’ve all had a bit of anxiety once in our life. Wether  it was for a test you weren’t  ready for or if it was walking across that stage at graduation. A bit of anxiety or adrenaline is never bad for a person, but why if you get anxiety all day long and you have that excitement feeling that starts to turn into negative thoughts and negative feelings because the anxiety won’t go away.What do you do then?. A lot of people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve personally had my fair share of random anxiety that would last for 2 maybe 3 days long. What do you do when it won’t go away. It hurts me when people think of anxiety and panic attacks as a quote on quote “all for show” or “acting”. I find it to be such a serious…

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Okay this is my first blog. But the topic at hand is crushes or should I rephrase that and say those damn stupid feelings that make you think stupidly. I hate crushes Becoz life is not some story book where your bloody crush is gonna come and magically fall madly in love with you. Crushes make you think like a stupid and makes you feel bad about yourself and the reason they called crushes because they break every ounce of you. But on a lighter note I have this story about my crush I once spoke to him on social media and I’m was nervous so I spoke soo much about smurfs  (yes I know smurfs that’s the first thing that came to my mind ) and yeah soo one day in school we had to do a fundraiser and I went to his class selling bubble-gum Ice-cream and from the back of his class he screamed is the ice -cream blue like smurfs and he smirked(i died).  Now you know why I hate crushes coz these feelings make you feel soo vulnerable. And if your crush doesn’t like you ,you start feeling low of yourself.   


*please note that that all these are personal thoughts and you don’t have to agree with me.